About Me

I am a researcher in the Mobility, Networks, and Systems area and the Security and Privacy area at Microsoft Research India.

My current research interests lie in systems approaches to online privacy, and better ads. I am particularly interested in safeguarding user privacy in a way that does not disrupt the emerging business models behind cloud computing, online social networks, and mobile ecosystems.

Recent Publications

  • S. Bharadwaj, P. Gupta, R. Bhagwan and S. Guha. “Discovering Related Data At Scale,” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases 2021 (VLDB), Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug 2021. bib
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  • B. Vattikonda, V. Dave, S. Guha and A. C. Scoeren. “pdf Empirical Analysis of Search Advertising Strategies,” In Proceedings of the 2015 Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Tokyo, Japan, Oct 2015. ppt bib